Friday, June 7, 2013

Korach and his Talit of Techelet

Thanks to the Modestanytime group discussion about colored begadim for Tzitzit for the inspiration for this post - and H-shem's Hashgacha of this being Parshat Korach (and last week's being Parshat Shelach to start the blog in the first place :)

Korach confronted Moshe's leadership in a seemingly roundabout
fashion. He asked Moshe two contrived Halachik questions:

Does a Talis entirely dyed in Techeles - (a special blue dye) require Tzitzit?

Does a house filled with Sefarim (books) require a Mezuzah?

Moshe answered that in both cases the obligation is to follow the
commandment of Hashem, and put Tzitzit on a four cornered garment,
regardless of its color, and affix a Mezuzah to any doorway requiring
one, regardless of how many Sefarim the room contains.

Shabbat Shalom!!

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