Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking at the Tzitzit is One Method of Rectifying Sexual Sins

I found a treasure trove of Tzitzit quotes from the Torah sages; check this out:
"Sexual desire is subject to the eyes: when the eyes wander, desire is aroused. The mitzvah of tzitzit, the fringes on the garment, is a protection against this. It also gives protection against the influence of those who are enemies of the truth. Be very careful to fulfill this mitzvah properly. If you do this you will begin to understand the meaning of the teachings of the Tzaddikim and to follow their ways. When you wrap yourself in the tzitzit and recite the blessing, concentrate on the thought that you desire a life of purity governed by the Holy Covenant and by the advice and counsel of the Tzaddikim. This is the foundation of true faith. You will be worthy of
coming to the Land of Israel, and bringing the era of Mashiach closer. You will attain true prayer, and with it the power to bring about miracles. Your livelihood will be sent without difficulties - because a person's livelihood is governed by the purity with which he leads his life. In the end you will learn to find wisdom wherever you are: you will see the teachings which are contained in all the things around you. All the wisdom of the world will be revealed to you like
a table spread with delights (Likute Etzot. 4)."
"When we wear Tzitzit and we go out of the house, the Creator rejoices, and the evil angel
who destroys, must withdraw from there. Therefore, the person is saved from all misfortunes.
(Zohar brought in Yalkut Reuveni) 
"He who wears Tzitzit, the angels announce before him, 'Give honor to the King's son."
(Zohar brought in Yalkut Reuveni)  
 Through Tzitzit one can be saved from the evil eye. (Devash lefi)
"He who wears Tzitzit, is called "one" just as the Creator Himself is called "One."
Therefore, G-d Himself cares for him." (Zohar brought in Yalkut Reuveni)
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