Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, what's this new tzitzit blog about anyway?

Hi Everyone,

We decided to make a new blog about tzitzit. We at tzitzit.net have a vision about getting people to learn more about and take on or enhance the mitzvah of tzitzit. To that end we have a resource guide linking to Torah sources about this fascinating subject (to us, at least) to help create awareness about what's kosher and isn't and how it is possible to keep this mitzvah b'hiddur.

We welcome your ideas and comments as well as contributions to our content. Soon G-d willing we will post some non-youtube videos as well for the kosher/filtered internet consumer (why should we have to go to youtube to watch educational videos when we can embed them from someplace kosher?).

G-d willing we look forward to relaunching our customizable talit katan products as well! Stay tuned...:)

"Ur'item Oto U'Zechartem et Kol Mitzvot H-shem"

Have a beautiful day,

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