Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lengths and Amounts of Windings

p. 34 Chapter Eleven   The Strands of the Zizit and how they are Woven

8. The knots and windings on each corner should be together four gudalim (8 cms.) long and the threads hanging down from them eight gudalim (16 cms). (ibid.)  The number of windings between the knots is as follows: in the first space - seven times, in the second - eight times, since seven and eight together make fifteen the numerical value of the Holy Name 'Yud-Kai'; the next space - eleven times, which together with the previous windings amounts to twenty-six, the numerical value of the Holy Name 'Havaya'; and the fourth - thirteen times which equals the word 'echad' - making 'H-shem Echad' (G-d is one) altogether. (Kavanot)

Note from us: Please consult your own rabbi to find out what to do - these are for learning purposes only.
As quoted from:
Shulchan HaMelech, a Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in 3 volumes as compiled by Maharan HaRav Shmuel Laniado z'al, 1923 with the supplement "Al HaShulchan" containing various opinions compiled by Ezra Basri, Chief Justice of the District Court, Jerusalem in 1992.

We would like to dedicate this learning for the speedy and complete recovery of two people: our friends' 5-year-old son, Joseph Benjamin, son of Ireneusz Khrystof, diagnosed in April with ALL leukemia, and a longtime friend of the family, Frank, son of Joseph, having thyroid surgery soon. Please have them in mind when studying. If you would like updates on their progress, please let me know so I can tell you when I find out from either or both.

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