Monday, November 11, 2013

Putting on Tallit Katan - Several Points

W-ith H-shem's help, we have begun learning Hilchot Tzitzit with the Ben Ish Chai, Hacham Yosef Hayyim of Baghdad. The sefer is translated by Shmuel Hiley and published by Yeshivath Ahavath Shalom Publications in Jerusalem 5765/2005. He calls the names of the Chapters by the names of Parashiot, so instead of Chapter One, the first chapter is called Parashath Bereshith, Laws of Ziziyoth. Please note these are for learning purposes only.  For the halacha lemaaseh, i.e. for what to do yourself please ask your own Rav.  

Parashath Bereshith, Laws of Ziziyoth, Page 3-4
4. One should inspect the ziziyoth of the tallith qatan, before reciting the berachah on it, when one puts it on in the morning.  One's wife can assist in this mizwah by examining them when she lays out a fresh change of clothing. She should also untangle the threads that have become tangled during washing.  By doing this, she will also have a share in the mizwah, through helping save her husband from possible transgression, should he be in a hurry to get dressed, and does not have time to inspect them himself.  Nevertheless, one should not rely on her inspection, and one should make the effort to examine them carefully oneself, before reciting the berachah.

[Odh Yosef Hai (5) Each day, when one takes the tallith gadhol from its bag, one should first kiss the four ziziyoth, and then unfold the tallith, recite the berachah over it, and wrap oneself in it.

Similarly, when one takes off the tallith, after having folded it, one should take the four ziziyoth in one's hand and kiss them, before laying the tallith away in its bag.  When one takes off the tallith qatan, one should also kiss the ziziyoth and, likewise, before putting on another tallith qatan to demonstrate our love for the commandment (Shelah).

When a woman lays out a clean tallith qatan for her husband, she should also see to kiss the ziziyoth before she folds it up for him.

Ibid. (8) One should not do anything whilst reciting the berachah (such as unfolding the tallith, and preparing to put it on); all that should be done before reciting the berachah, so that one can put on the tallith without delay, immediately after reciting the berachah.]

This learning should be in memory of Maran, HaRav HaGaon Ovadia Yosef, ztz'l.

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