Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making Tzitziot Lishmah

About this learning series

Parashath Noah, Laws of Ziziyoth, Page 18: 
10. (beginning) [Odh Yosef Hai (3) We learn from the wording of the verse (Devarim, 22:12) 'Make yourselves ziziyoth...' that the threads from which the ziziyoth are made must be spun lishmah, and that if not, they are pasul.

(This is derived from the otherwise superfluous word 'yourselves', which our Sages z'l explain to mean 'for yourself, i.e. in order that you fulfill the precept of zizith.  Thus, the actual manufacture of the ziziyoth must be done in order to fulfill the commandment with the finished article.)

This means that the person who makes the ziziyoth must say (in any language that he understands) before he begins making them, 'I am spinning this wool in order to make ziziyoth from it' (cf. 'Odh Yosef Hai, 5 below).

This learning should be in memory of Maran, HaRav HaGaon Ovadia Yosef, ztz'l.

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