Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tzitzit – Wool, Cotton, or Nylon? Which fabrics are kosher?

The Daf on Tzitzit fabrics:

Star-K on Fabrics: "Mitzvos on the Fringe"
Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Star-K Rabbinic Administrator


  1. this is important because apparently there are many non-kosher tzitzit on the market, internet and otherwise and it's important to investigate which kind you should be using otherwise it can involve carrying on Shabbat or making a bracha levatala! please ask your local Orthodox rabbi.

  2. Thanks for your comment, by the way, Polyester "Mesh" Tzitzit sold in many Judaica stores may not be Kosher and may be considered "carrying" if worn on Shabbat. See the Daf article on fabrics http://www.the-daf.com/talmud-conceptual/menachot-39b-tzitzit-wool-cotton-or-nylon/

  3. I read your post. It's such an amazing post on kosher tallit on the occasion of Jewish festivals, these gifts show your affection for your close friends and family members.


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